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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Humanity Still Alive in Saudi Arabia

Saudis shower a cleaner mocked on social media with gold and money

Good Humanity Done by Saudi Men

An Asian street cleaner in his 50s did not realize that a sarcastic comment about him on social media would result in an outpouring of support and make him rich in a matter of hours.

The man, Nuzroul Abdul Karim from Bangladesh, was photographed looking at gold on display at a jewelry shop.

A social media user mocked him and uploaded the photo, captioned: “This is as far as you can go. You can only look at the garbage.”

Saudis were hurt by the unkind comment.

A businessman with the Twitter handle @ensaneyat began a campaign to look for Abdul Karim.

He sent out a tweet which was retweeted 6000 times and in about three hours the Bangladeshi cleaner was finally located.

Abdul Karim received six expensive gold jewelry items and seven mobile phones in addition to cash as gifts from Saudis.

He said he had no knowledge of what was happening on social media until some of his colleagues told him about it.

He said he would give the jewelry and the mobile phones to his wife and four children (three boys and a girl).

Abdul Karim was extremely moved by the support of the Saudis. He said he would take permission from his company to go to Makkah to perform Umrah to thank Allah for His bounties and also to appreciate the kindness and generosity of the Saudi people.

Citizens said that the person who uploaded Abdul Karim’s photo with racist comment did not represent Saudis who are known for their kindness and generosity.
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