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This below survey was taken many form many colleges in India. These Top 50 Engineering Colleges in India have Good Infrastructure, Good Environment, Educations , Staff, Placement , Research Activities and other Facilities are good.

Top 10 Government Engineering Colleges in India

Top 10 Government Engineering Colleges in India

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Top 10 Colleges In India 2014

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This below survey was taken many form many colleges in India. These Top 100 Engineering Colleges in India have Good Infrastructure, Good Environment, Educations , Staff, Placement , Research Activities and other Facilities are good. If you want to do Engineering as your dream and try out these colleges

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Java script preloader

<title>Preload Image Page</title>
<script language="JavaScript1.1">
<!-- begin hiding

Preload Image With Update Bar Script (By Marcin Wojtowicz [])
Submitted to and permission granted to to feature script in it's archive
For full source code to this script and 100's more, visit

// You may modify the following:
 var locationAfterPreload = "" // URL of the page after preload finishes
 var lengthOfPreloadBar = 150 // Length of preload bar (in pixels)
 var heightOfPreloadBar = 15 // Height of preload bar (in pixels)
 // Put the URLs of images that you want to preload below (as many as you want)
 var yourImages = new Array("","")

// Do not modify anything beyond this point!
if (document.images) {
 var dots = new Array() 
 dots[0] = new Image(1,1)
 dots[0].src = "black.gif" // default preloadbar color (note: You can substitute it with your image, but it has to be 1x1 size)
 dots[1] = new Image(1,1)
 dots[1].src = "blue.gif" // color of bar as preloading progresses (same note as above)
 var preImages = new Array(),coverage = Math.floor(lengthOfPreloadBar/yourImages.length),currCount = 0
 var loaded = new Array(),i,covered,timerID
 var leftOverWidth = lengthOfPreloadBar%coverage
function loadImages() { 
 for (i = 0; i < yourImages.length; i++) { 
  preImages[i] = new Image()
  preImages[i].src = yourImages[i]
 for (i = 0; i < preImages.length; i++) { 
  loaded[i] = false
function checkLoad() {
 if (currCount == preImages.length) { 
 for (i = 0; i <= preImages.length; i++) {
  if (loaded[i] == false && preImages[i].complete) {
   loaded[i] = true
   eval("document.img" + currCount + ".src=dots[1].src")
 timerID = setTimeout("checkLoad()",10) 
// end hiding -->


<body bgcolor="#FFFFFF">

<font size="4">Please be patient while some images<br>
are being preloaded...</font><p>
<script language="JavaScript1.1">
<!-- begin hiding
// It is recommended that you put a link to the target URL just in case if the visitor wants to skip preloading
// for some reason, or his browser doesn't support JavaScript image object.
if (document.images) {
 var preloadBar = ''
 for (i = 0; i < yourImages.length-1; i++) {
  preloadBar += '<img src="' + dots[0].src + '" width="' + coverage + '" height="' + heightOfPreloadBar + '" name="img' + i + '" align="absmiddle">'
 preloadBar += '<img src="' + dots[0].src + '" width="' + (leftOverWidth+coverage) + '" height="' + heightOfPreloadBar + '" name="img' + (yourImages.length-1) + '" align="absmiddle">'
document.write('<p><small><a href="javascript:window.location=locationAfterPreload">Skip Preloading</a>  |  <a href="">Script Credits</a></small></p>')
// end hiding -->

Openings for SEO specialist at REO Solutions Pvt. Ltd. in Hyderabad

Dear Candidate,
Primarily we are looking for candidate who preferably meets the following parameters:

  • Must be energetic & enthusiastic about the job & looking for a long term career in this field.
  • Should be a computer literate with basic knowledge of HTML, and CSS
  • Should have an idea about the search engine marketing and web marketing.
If you meet the above, we welcome you to come and appear for an interview.
If not, you are also welcome and appear for interview & accept the challenge to meet the above within a time frame.

You are requested to come for interview along with a copy of your latest resume and a copy of recent passport size photo at following address on Date 28th April 2011 (Thursday),Time 10 AM to 2 PM.

REO Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
5th Floor, Shantha Heights,
Saleem Nagar, Malakpet,
Hyderabad, A. P. 500 036
Tel : 040 4066 0000
Tel : 800 830 4063
Email ID:

NOTE: Please ignore the mail, if you are already attended an interview.

Watch IPL Cricket Matches Online

IndiaTimes has partnered with Google for the IPL 2011 broadcast. You can watch the IPL 2011 matches streaming live on YouTube at

Now Facebook's on your watch

  1. Watch connects to your computer
  2. Can relay instant notifications, alerts
  3. Users can download apps for device
Facebook fans can now update their pages through their watch / AAP
  • Watch connects to your computer

APPLICATIONS are no longer just for smartphones and computers, a new breed of "smart watches" are taking the app-craze hands free.
From designer wristbands that turn the latest iPod nano into a wristwatch to futuristic time pieces that can sync with your BlackBerry and update your Facebook page, watches are getting much, much smarter.

A Canadian company called inPulse is building a name in the smart watch marketplace with its "ambient information display" — a fancy name for its clever little watch that connects to your smartphone (or PC) and can be programmed to relay instant notifications and alerts.

Marketed as the "perfect hacker accessory", the inPulse watch is fully programmable and can be customised using the company's SDK. Developers can take full control over the device's 1.3" OLED display, vibrating motor, button, timers and alerts.

inPulse users can also download one of the many apps that have been built for the device including an iTunes controller, PowerPoint Controller, a create-your-own analog clock app, and the FBCheckin app that lets you check into Facebook Places without getting your phone out of your pocket.
The inPulse watch has been in development since 2009 but first appeared on the market in February 2011.
There are currently around 20 to 30 apps designed for the device said Eric Migicovsky, CEO of inPulse in an April 19 conversation with Relaxnews.
Around one third of them are developed in-house while the rest have been designed by wearers, said Mr Migicovsky.
inPulse is currently building its own app store so people without programming or coding experience can download both free and paid apps for the device. Mr Migicovsky said he hopes to have the inPulse app store up and running by the end of the year.
iWatchz, one of the many wristwatch companies that popped up after Apple CEO Steve Jobs suggested the iPod nano could be worn as a watch, released two new models to its collection of iPod nano watch strap collections on April 18.
The iWatchz’s Carbon Collection ($49.95) is made of high-end black leather and anodised aluminum while the Timepiece collection ($89.95) is made of polished stainless-steel and dark brown leather. Both bands are available in Apple stores.
Back in 2009, LG released a high-tech phone watch called the LG GD910.
The device was the first touchscreen watch to support 3G connectivity and gave users the ability to make and receive calls, make video calls, send and receive SMS, and listen to MP3s all from its 1.43" tempered glass touchscreen. A limited number of LG GD910 devices were sold in Europe and Asia for €899 on a 12-month contract.
The inPulse watch is available in Metallic Silver for $149 or in Black Anodized for $199 from

Read more:

Read more:

Tesco recruiting freshers


Location: bangalore
Bachelor of Engineering 
Years of Experience : 0-1 Year

Click Here to apply :

Custom Skin For Progress Bar in Flex4

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>


    Copyright 2008 Adobe Systems Incorporated
    All Rights Reserved.

    NOTICE: Adobe permits you to use, modify, and distribute this file
    in accordance with the terms of the license agreement accompanying it.


<!--- The Spark skin class for the MX ProgressBar component.

      @see mx.controls.ProgressBar
      @langversion 3.0
      @playerversion Flash 10
      @playerversion AIR 1.5
      @productversion Flex 4
<s:SparkSkin xmlns:fx="" xmlns:s="library://" >

         * @private
        override protected function initializationComplete():void
            useChromeColor = true;
    <!-- layer 1: fill -->
    <s:Rect left="2" right="2" top="2" bottom="2" >
            <s:LinearGradient rotation="90">
                <s:GradientEntry color="red"/>
                <s:GradientEntry color="red"/>
    <!-- layer 2: border -->
    <s:Rect left="2" right="2" top="2" bottom="2" >
            <s:LinearGradientStroke rotation="90">
                <s:GradientEntry color="0xFFFFFF"
                               alpha=".9" />
                <s:GradientEntry color="0xFFFFFF"
                               alpha="0.5" />
    <!-- layer 3: right edge -->
    <s:Rect right="1" top="2" bottom="2" width="1" >
            <s:SolidColor color="0x000000" alpha="0.55" />

No Smoking Users

Wanted System Admin with 2-3 year exp for an MNC

Current Jobs Opening in India
Wanted System Admin with 2-3 year exp for an MNC
Resume To:

C++ Developer Opening in BOSCH Bangalore...

We have immediate requirement for C++ Developer...CALL IMMEDIATELY ON BELOW NUMBER

Location : Bangalore

For C++ resume

Work experience :- 1 to 2 yrs 

Skills Required

• Minimum 1 year experience in C++ with good knowledge of OOP's concepts. 
• Development experience on Linux and Windows environment.
• Experience in developing multithreaded application.
• Knowledge of Socket programming.
• Knowledge of reprogramming code + data on engine ECU's.
• Knowledge of CAN, K line and vehicle communication protocols ( KWP2000, ISO15765, J1939,UDS).
• Familiar with J2534 and PDUAPI.
• Good written communication

Qualification : BE

Please send your updated cv in Word format with following details :
Total Exp :|
Relevent Exp :
Notice Period :

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best regards 

Akanksha Sahay
Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions Limited I 

+ 91.80.41916925

Infosys is hiring Freshers graduating in theyear 2011

Infosys is hiring Freshers for the role of Systems Engineer who have a passion to work and excel in a dynamic environment.

Eligibility Criteria:

 *   BE / B.Tech / ME / M.Tech/ MCA / MSc (Computer Science/ Electronics/ Mathematics/ Physics/ Statistics / Information Technology / Information Science) only.
 *   Candidates must have a consistently excellent academic track record.
 *   Only Candidates who are graduating in the year 2011 are eligible to apply.
 *   Candidates should not have participated in the Infosys selection process in the last 9 months.
Please note that the resume should mandatorily carry date of birth, e-mail id, complete academic details starting from std. 10 / 12 / Graduation / Post graduation along with Year of passing, simple average aggregate Percentages/CGPA, Board / University.  Also, mention the preferred location of test center in the subject line (Bangalore/Chennai/Delhi/ Hyderabad/ Kolkata/Mumbai/Pune/Trivandrum).
You can mail the resumes to<> on or before April 15, 2011. Only short listed candidates will be directly informed via e-mail about the selection process.
It is a group of working professionals from different domain join together to serve the community by proper guidance to Students of all levels by reaching Schools/Colleges on Weekends.
Information provided in good faith, we do not accept any legal responsibility whatsoever for the current post, future or past posts.

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