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Top 10 Government Engineering Colleges in India

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Top 10 Colleges In India 2014

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This below survey was taken many form many colleges in India. These Top 100 Engineering Colleges in India have Good Infrastructure, Good Environment, Educations , Staff, Placement , Research Activities and other Facilities are good. If you want to do Engineering as your dream and try out these colleges

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Monday, October 10, 2011

XP Nature

Xp World

Windows Xp World Background

Xp Wallpaper



Beauty House Wallpaper

Desktop Wallpaper

Cool Wallpaper

How To Create a blog

Hi Users here i am going to share a How to create a blog Video Tutorial

Diffrent Types of Asthma

Asthma is a dangerous condition where the airways to the lungs (bronchial tubes) inflame. Breathing becomes difficult and sometime impossible. The disease occurs in both children and adults, but there are different types of asthma with slightly varying symptoms. There are also a number of triggers that can cause asthma.
  1. Allergic Asthma

    • Allergens like pollen, dust and pets can trigger asthma. In certain seasons, especially the spring and fall when flowers, trees and grasses are releasing pollen, allergic asthma is worse than at other times.

    Exercise-Induced Asthma

    • In some people, asthma is only present when induced by exercise. Physical activity will lead to bouts of coughing or wheezing.

    Nocturnal Asthma

    • Those with nocturnal asthma experience symptoms mostly or only at night. This will typically occur early in the a.m. when the body's natural adrenaline and corticosteroids are at their lowest.

    Asthma in Pregnancy

    • Pregnancy has been shown to have a direct effect on asthma. Most patients will either see improvement in the condition or a worsening of it.

    Occupational Asthma

    • Exposure to certain elements in the workplace can cause or exacerbate asthma. This can be anything from chemicals used for cleaning to fumes from a plant atmosphere.

    Other Asthma

    • Some of those with asthma have no underlying cause. The condition could come with an illness like a cold or flu, or be brought on occasionally be irritants like tobacco, perfumes or paints.

What is Asthma?

Asthma is a chronic breathing condition that affects nearly 5 percent of the American population. Although it is incurable, symptoms can be controlled effectively with the use of medication and asthma diagnosed in childhood generally improves over time. People with asthma have hyper-reactive bronchial tubes that constrict very tightly when irritated by environmental asthma triggers. It is unknown why some people develop asthma and others do not.
  1. Effects

    • Symptoms of asthma vary considerably in their severity and when they are present. Some people with asthma wheeze and cough most of the time, while others have no problems except during an acute asthma attack. The most common symptoms of asthma include shortness of breath, wheezing, coughing while lying down and a sensation of tightness in the chest. Symptoms are typically more frequent during the day than at night, but in rare cases this tendency is reversed.


    • Asthma is typically diagnosed using tests that measure lung function. These tests are also performed regularly on people who have already been diagnosed with asthma, because they are useful for monitoring the condition and judging the effectiveness of treatments. The most commonly used lung function tests are spirometry and peak flow tests. Both tests involve exhaling into a special device that measures lung capacity and the force with which air is expelled from the lungs.


    • Asthma is grouped into classifications based on the pattern of symptoms and severity of the condition. Four categories are typically used to grade the degree a personal is affected. Mild intermittent asthma involves relatively minor symptoms that occur no more than twice a week. Mild persistent asthma includes symptoms that occur at least twice a week but no more than once in any given day. Moderate persistent asthma is diagnosed when symptoms occur about once a day, and at least once a week during the night. Severe persistent asthma presents with breathing difficulties throughout most days and often at night.


GTalk Tricks

How To Open many Gtalk on a single PC 

(1). Download  Gtalk from Google.
(2). Run setup and Install it.
(3). Then Right click on the desktop and make a shortcut.
(4). Then a window will appear and in the Browse set the path of Gtalk like


Why we do Defragmentation of our Hard Drive? 

 Defragmentation of a hard drive is the act of re-ordering the data on the drive so that each file can be read continuously from the disk. By default, Windows XP will attempt to store any files it needs to write to the hard drive in consecutive clusters (a cluster is the smallest unit of storage space available on a hard drive) on the drive, so that the file can then be read continuously. A hard drive which has been frequently used over a long period of time will have developed many fragmented files, files which are scattered over different clusters on the surface of the disk. This can occur because of many factors, for example uninstall programs that leave files behind, system crashes while in the act of writing to the hard drive, regular deletion of files, etc. A file becomes fragmented when the portion of consecutive clusters on the disk that Windows begins to write into is not large enough to hold the whole file. The remainder of the file then needs to be written to a different physical area of the disk. This does not have any effect on the operating system's ability to access the files themselves, but it does slow down disk access times (and by extension, any application that depends on disk access) due to the extra time needed to reposition the read heads of the hard drive to access the rest of the fragmented file. Windows XP includes a disk defragmentation utility which you can use to re-arrange the files on the drive and eliminate fragmentation.
This can have a significant affect on the speed of your computer. To access this utility, go to 'start\programs\accessories\system tools\disk defragmenter.' To begin with, you need to analyze your hard disk(s) to see if defragmentation is needed. Select a drive and hit the 'analyze' button. This could take a little while depending on the amount of data on the drive. While the system is analyzing, it is best to leave your computer alone or the process may need to restart.
Once the analysis is finished, you will have a graphical representation of your disk's level of fragmentation. See the picture below for an example of a highly fragmented drive.
Windows will also inform you if it recommends defragmenting the drive. You must have 15% of the drive free in order to fully defragment it. Anything less will result in only a partial re-ordering of the files. You may need to delete a few things to obtain this free space.
To defragment the drive, select it and hit the 'defragment' button. Note that depending on the size of the drive and the level of fragmentation, this can take a long time. It's a good thing to leave overnight, since you should not run anything else while doing the defrag either.

How to Find Who is Invisible or blocked you on Google chat/Gtalk

Hello friends, welcome back after the article "how to hack the hackers" today i am going to share with you another mind boggling tutorial that is "How to find who  is invisible or blocked you on Google chat/Gtalk". So guys are you ready to know that which of your friend has blocked you on google talk.

hack gmail,hack gtalk,find invisible or blocked

Whenever you noticed a contact in your Gtalk/Google Talk has not been online for some time, have it ever crossed your mind you’ve been blocked? If you are curious in finding out who actually blocked you in Gtalk, here’s a workaround you can try.
This following method we attempt to show make use of a chat client call Pidgin.


1. Download, Install Pidgin

Click here to download Pidgin chat client. If you already have Pidgin installed, you may skip this step.

2. Configure Pidgin for Gtalk

You’ll probably start with the below screen. Click the Add button. "Accounts -> Manage Account" will also bring you to the same screen. Let’s add Gtalk to Pidgin.

hack gmail,hack gtalk,find invisible or blocked
Configure Pidgin Welcome Screen

Clicking Add will allow you to add new Gtalk account. The following two screenshots show what you need to fill up for Basic and Advance tab, pay attention to those highlighted.

hack gmail,hack gtalk,find invisible or blocked
Add Account Basic Tab

hack gmail,hack gtalk,find invisible or blocked
Add Account Advanced Tab

With all the settings properly entered, you should be able to connect to Gtalk and load your contacts successfully. Now let’s go find out who blocked you.

3. Who’s Blocking You?

When someone blocked you in Gtalk (and other IMs), they appear offline just like your other contacts who are really offline. Right click, click on Get Info, and we’ll see how to differentiate them.

hack gmail,hack gtalk,find invisible or blocked
Get Info that who has blocked you or simply hiding Himself

The following image is a comparison of 2 different contacts: Actual offline (left) and Blocked offline (right). If you are blocked, nothing will be display under Buddy Information.

hack gmail,hack gtalk,find invisible or blocked

Cool Wallpaper


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