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This below survey was taken many form many colleges in India. These Top 50 Engineering Colleges in India have Good Infrastructure, Good Environment, Educations , Staff, Placement , Research Activities and other Facilities are good.

Top 10 Government Engineering Colleges in India

Top 10 Government Engineering Colleges in India

These Government Engineering Colleges in India are really good for all kind of stuff like Education , research , Placement and New Innovation Ideas etc... But Getting seat in these colleges are heavy competition in students .....

Top 10 Colleges In India 2014

Top 10 Colleges In India 2014

Indian Institute Of Technology Delhi,Indian Institute Of Technology Bombay,Indian Institute Of Technology Kanpur,Indian Institute Of Technology Madras,Indian Institute Of Technology Kharagpur,Indian Institute Of Technology Roorkee,University Of Delhi,Indian Institute Of Technology Guwahati,University Of Calcutta,University Of Mumbai, National Institute Of Technology,Trichy.



This below survey was taken many form many colleges in India. These Top 100 Engineering Colleges in India have Good Infrastructure, Good Environment, Educations , Staff, Placement , Research Activities and other Facilities are good. If you want to do Engineering as your dream and try out these colleges

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Monday, April 30, 2012

Job Fair in Bangalore

Job Fair in Bangalore
Job Fair in Bangalore

Title: Job Fair in India,IT Job fair,BPO Job Fair in Bangalore,BPO Job Fair in India
More Info Click the Bellow Link

Job Fair in India

Sunday, April 29, 2012

VIT Mtech Entrance Exam

Friday, April 27, 2012 Jobs in Bangalore

Greetings from Weir Mineral (I) Pvt Ltd.

We have an opening for Software Engineer with the following Skills.
If you are interested, please share your updated resume in word Format

For more details please visit:

Desired Profile:
* Minimum 1-3 years of software development experience with C#, ASP .Net programming, SQL
* Should have hands-on experience in C# and developing Tools
* Self-driven and ability to work with minimal direction and in a team to research innovative solutions to challenging business/technical problems.
* Demonstrated ability to work at the tactical and strategic levels of IT initiatives.
* Team player and driven towards self-improvement, development, and achievement.
* Ability to work to deadlines and as a team member.
* Should be able to understand and handle tasks independently.
* Strong communication / interpersonal skills.
* Sound problem resolution, judgment, negotiating, and decision making skills.

Location: Bangalore

Pls furnish with all the below informations:
CTC: Current / Expected:
Exp : Total / Relevant Exp:
Notice Period:
Passport Availability.:
Visa Availability:
Residence/Alternative Contact No.:
References :

Would appreciate if you can provide references of your friends or colleagues who may be interested for a change in career.

If the above requirement does not suit your profile kindly ignore the mail.

Weir Minerals (I) Pvt Ltd.,
Ph : 080 40449075

C# Jobs In Bangalore

Required Skills:
1.5 - 3.5 years experience
C#, WPF, VSTO, Windows Forms
Analytical capacity to analyse bugs and involve in design discussion
Excellent written English, good verbal communication,
knowledge of MS Office product, JQuery, ASP.NET MVC, Ajax
Experience in developing MS Excel Add-in

At Thomson Reuters, we believe what we do matters. We are passionate about our work, inspired by the impact it has on our business and our customers. As a team, we believe in winning as one - collaborating to reach shared goals, and developing through challenging and meaningful experiences. With over 55,000 colleagues in more than 100 countries, we work flexibly across boundaries and realize innovations that help shape industries around the world. Making this happen is a dynamic, evolving process, and we count on each employee to be a catalyst in driving our performance - and their own.

Intrigued by a challenge as large and fascinating as the world itself? Come join us.

To learn more about what we offer, please visit

More information about Thomson Reuters can be found on

Click Here To Apply

CTS Fresher Jobs

Job Summary :

Company Name                Cognizant
Job Location                      : Hyderabad
Experience Required      : Freshers
Education Required        : MSc (IT/CS) (or) MCA (or) BE/ BTech/ ME/ MTech
Key Skills                            :  

Job Description

Job Description:
Candiates Should be Minimum 10+2+4 years of education 
2011 batch passouts in MSc (IT/CS) (or) MCA (or) BE/ BTech/ ME/ MTech – All streams except bio-related courses 
First class (60% and above) in 10th, 12th, UG and PG (Full time / Regular courses) 
Excellent communication skills 
Willing to work in 24/7 Shifts 
Willing to relocate to any Cognizant location 
Has not appeared for the Cognizant fresher recruitment process during the last 6 months 

Job Profile: 
IT Infrastructure Services in the area of Remote Management of Client ITInfrastructure like Servers, OS, Databases, Networking  

How To Apply ?

 on the Cognizant Careers portal ( Apply Now/ ) and get an applicant ID. 

Send an email, with CV attached, to the below vendor 

with Cognizant Applicant ID & referrer’s employee ID as the Subject. 

For hyderabad location send resume to


Hi Users and Visitors AMDI Tech Crossed 1 lakh HITS in short Time period and I Specially thanks for Family Member,users ,visitors and my friends and All internet users
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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Microsoft Fresher Opening

Title: Microsoft Fresher Job

IT Software Development Engineer (SDE) 1 Job

Job Category: IT
Location: Hyderabad, IN
Job ID: 770891-76019
Division: IT

**Only Freshers To Apply (2012 Batch)**

Software Development Engineer (SDE): Work at the Core of Every Product We Build

This is where the fun begins for code gurus like you. As a hands-on Software Development Engineer, you’ll make decisions about design and feature implementation, using your mastery of technical tools to make a software application vision a reality. If you like to write code and design efficient data structures and algorithms to develop next-generation applications, this is the position for you. As an SDE, you’ll bring software IT applications to life by working with Program Managers to ensure strong design and Software Development Engineers in Test to ensure quality through testing. Ultimately for the SDE, it’s your code that turns concepts into new technologies and services. Skill Set: C/C++/C#; problem solving; creativity; passion for technology. Responsibilities: Construct data structures and algorithms; write code; test and debug code; prioritizing feature list; examine feature feasibility and estimate development time
Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET): Discover Life on the Last Line of Defense

As a Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET), you’ll own it, break it, fix it, and own it again. You’ll ensure a product’s quality by making sure it performs as users expect it to. Part of the fun is how creative you can be devising ways to manipulate, crush, and sabotage software into submission-while creating innovative testing technologies along the way. Ultimately, as an SDET it’s your input that can make the difference between joy and frustration for the customers. Since you’re keen on how things work, and making them work better, you’ll work hand in hand with the Program Managers and Software Development Engineers to design, develop, and maintain automation systems for use in development and testing cycles. Using the tools you create, you’ll pore over source code for trouble spots, debugging and isolating problems, and executing creative tests to find new bugs while regression testing recent fixes. Skill Set: C/C++/C#, VB; problem solving; methodical; likes to break problems down; customer focus; creativity. Responsibilities: Design and develop tool architecture; write automation systems and device drivers; author test plans and cases; conduct security and stress tests; debug at source level; identify, investigate, and prioritize.

Service Management Engineer: Run the Services that run Microsoft Business

As a Service Management Engineer you’ll run, optimize, engineer and design Systems, applications, infrastructure and services that keep Microsoft’s business running effectively. You would be in charge to manage information security risk and drive enterprise business continuity. As the ‘First and Best Customer of Microsoft’ you would design and implement solutions with Microsoft products even before it gets to the market and then provide feedback to the Product Groups. You will also showcase the design and implementation of solutions/best practices on Microsoft Products with external customers thereby building credibility for Microsoft. Skill Set: DBMS; IIS,OS, Networking; problem solving; methodical; likes to break problems down; customer focus; creativity. Responsibilities: Design and implement solutions for Service Management in live production environments. Work on datacenter servers, OS, Networking, Analyze performance; conduct security and stress tests; identify, investigate, and prioritize incidents and problems.

Job Segments: Data Center, Developer, Engineer, Engineering, Information Security, Software Engineer, Technology, Testing
Click Here to Apply

Thursday, April 19, 2012

World Liver Day

Title : World Liver Day 2012: Things you ought to know about your liver
Liver disease

Your liver is a one and a half kg organ that sits behind your right rib cage. If you did not have your liver, you would not be able to process nutrients like carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals from your food. Your body would not get rid of all the toxins and microbes. Your blood would probably never clot! The liver plays a vital role in maintaining the body’s metabolic balance.
As the liver performs a variety of important functions it is extremely vulnerable to a variety of metabolic, toxic, microbial, circulatory and cancerous insults. Awareness of the liver’s functions and what all can cause liver disease can help you take the road to great health.
Let’s start with a few commonly known diseases that can affect the liver:
  1. Viral hepatitis is an infection of the liver that is caused by a group of viruses that have particular affinity for the liver. Out of these, hepatitis A and E are caused by eating food contaminated with the virus. Hepatitis B, C and D are acquired through blood, body fluids and by unprotected sexual contact.
  2. Alcoholic hepatitis is inflammation (swelling) of the liver due to ingestion of alcohol.
  3. Cirrhosis or scarring of the liver is caused mostly due to alcohol intake, viral infection due to hepatitis B  and C , bile duct disease or iron overload. It is among the top 10 causes of death in the world. The liver ceases to function normally due to irreversible damage. It progresses gradually and can lead to end stage liver disease.
  4. Drug induced damage caused due to the various medicines we take and chemicals we are exposed to. As liver is the major detoxifying organ in the body, it is subject to an enormous variety of drugs and chemicals. Always be careful when consuming medicines. Even over the counter medications like paracetamol can cause fulminant liver failure. Never take medications beyond the recommended dosage. It is always better to consult a doctor before taking medications and follow up at the slightest evidence of ill health. Certain herbal medications could also cause damage to the liver and so can medications for tuberculosis.
  5. Liver cancer can be caused by many factors including viral infections (hepatitis B and C), chronic alcoholism, certain food contaminants, genetic factors, cirrhosis of the liver.
What are the symptoms of liver disease?
 This depends on the onset and rapidity of progression of liver damage.
In case of acute liver damage (due to drugs, toxins, viral hepatitis A, B or E), there may be fever with yellowish discoloration of sclera (the white of the eye), skin and urine. In most cases this may be self-limiting. In a small percentage, this may progress to fulminant liver failure leading to coma, altered blood clotting, kidney failure, secondary infections and may even require liver transplantation.
In chronic liver damage (due to hepatitis B, C or alcohol), the symptoms would be more gradual in onset:
  • Jaundice or yellowish discoloration of skin and the white of the eye.
  • Swelling especially in the legs and feet due to low protein levels.
  • Enlargement of breasts known as gynecomastia (in a male).
  • Reddish spider like discolorations (spider nevi) beneath the skin especially over the chest.
  • Accumulation of fluid (ascites) in the abdomen giving it a protruded appearance.
  • Problems with clotting of blood
  • Vomiting of blood or blood in stools
  • Altered senses with change in behavior, confusion, forgetfulness and other symptoms related to the brain also known as hepatic encephalopathy.
  • Gradual worsening of kidney function
The above symptoms are not comprehensive and it is best to consult a doctor at the earliest onset of any of the above.
 Tips for a healthy liver:
Diet and Alcohol: A balanced diet with low fat content would be well suited to prevent fatty liver. Alcohol is best avoided.
Exercise: Plays a role in controlling cholesterol and in the metabolism of fat thus indirectly protecting the liver.
Vaccination: Hepatitis B is preventable by vaccination. Three shots of the hepatitis B vaccine taken over three months can provide long term protection against the dreaded disease.
Hygienic food and drinking water: Hepatitis A and E are known to spread via the oral route. Think twice before having road side delicacies! Boil the water that you intend to drink. It is the best way to prevent communicable diseases.
Avoid self-medication: Various drugs can damage the liver if taken indiscriminately
Regular check-ups: Once diagnosed with liver disease, be regular in follow ups with the doctor. Reversible damage can become irreversible if neglected.
 This World Liver day, let’s strive not to abuse our liver, one of the most useful organs that we have. Let’s treat it with the love and respect it deserves. 

Virtual Job Fair

Title=Online Jobfair , Jobfair in India
17thApril - 2ndMay 2012

Virtual Job Fair
The T20 of your Career Move..
World is going T20, with no time to wait full-day for results. This IPL season, participate in
TimesJobs' Virtual Job Fair, an online fair where you can apply to jobs of your choice from the
comfort of your home and get shortlisted instantly.

More Info Visit Here

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dotnet Fresher Opening

Job Description:
We are looking to recruit progressive and talented .NET Professionals for working in our global class eBusiness projects.
POSITIONS AVAILABLE  Web Developers, Sr. Web Developers based on skills and experience
REMUNERATION  1.5 Lakhs to 3 lakhs per annum – Based on skills and experience Benefits - Performance Based Incentives + Food Subsidy + Statutory Benefits.
LOCATION - Alwarpet, Chennai
  1. .NET, ASP.NET
  2. C, C#
  3. SQL Server 2005 / 2008
  4. CSS (Mandatory)
  5. Java Script, XML, XHTML, and Web Services
OTHER SKILLS (Nice to have):
  1. 0-2 yrs of real world experience - working in an Agile environment a big plus
  2. AJAX experience with jQuery - JSON based client server interaction
  3. Exposure to source code control like SVN
  4. Exposure to bug tracking tools like JIRA
  5. SEO knowledge and its impact on websites
INTERVIEW If you are looking for a progressive career and not just another job, please walk-in to the below mentioned address onApril 18, 2012 or April 19, 2012 between 11.00 AM and 4.00 PM to take an evaluation.


346, Ambujambal Street, 

Off TTK Road

Chennai - 600018
Email Address:

Friday, April 13, 2012

Fresher and Experience job in Bangalore

Right Recrute
 Creative partners to MSN, they are a Bangalore based design and technology driven team of professionals offering web, application, print, multimedia,mobile and identity design solutions to a diverse set of clients from all industries.

Job Description :

the person should have an extensive experince working on CSS and working on Div tags. The role would mean development of web applications and web sites.
Not Disclosed by Recruiter
IT Software, Software Services
Functional Area:
Application Programming, Maintenance
Role Category:
Programming & Design
Software Developer
Contact Details:

Executive Name:
Ms. Rashmi
Contact Company:
Right Recrute
Email Address:

Monday, April 9, 2012

Mac Wallpapers

Mac Wallpapers

Intel Fresher Opening

Intel Fresher Opening Job in Bangalore
Intel Fresher Opening job

Job Description:

Responsible for the device driver model of the Target OS, all driver development except graphics like Linux driver, win driver. Architects interfaces for communicating with hardware, cross-platform solutions. Responsibile for security requirements and design decisions implications. Experience in DMA and other techniques for minimizing buffer copies. Knowledge of specific type of device driver being implemented, e.g.. Graphics, Networking, USB, etc. Extensively unit tests their implementation. Can code to standards and integrate with existing solutions. Software development skills (C & C++).


 B.E, 0 to 2 years of experience 

Job Category

: Engineering 

Primary Location

: India-India, Bangalore 

Full/Part Time

: Full Time 

Job Type

: Recent College Graduate 


: Regular

Click Here To Apply

Friday, April 6, 2012

AMDI Reached 140 Countries


HCL Android tablets

HCL has finally launched its budget Android tablets in India. The two new tablets are named ME U1 and MyEdu tablet. Both these tablets will run on Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) right out of the box. Enough of cheap Gingerbread/Honeycomb based Chinese tablets. 
The HCL ME U1 tablet is powered by a 1GHz processor, supported by 512MB RAM and 4GB of internal memory. Seems like HCL did an uncle Scrooge when it came to saving money on flash memory. 4GB on an Android tablet is like a pizza without cheese. Thankfully there's a memory card slot to solve the problem.

  1. HCL Android tablets

The tablet features a 7-inch display at a resolution of 800x480 pixels. It includes other standard features such as a front-facing camera, a USB port, a micro-USB port and a micro-SD card slot. The tablet is powered by a 3600 mAh battery. The hardware specifications for both the tablets are almost exactly the same.

Interestingly, the tablets have an HCL branded ME app store instead of the usual Android Market app, which is now called the Google Play Store. HCL has set the price tag of this tablet at Rs. 7,999, claiming that it would compete with the Aakash tablet.

Meanwhile the MyEdu tablet is targeted towards students. It comes in two variants and includes a bunch of educational content for students.  The K12 version, priced at Rs. 11,499, comes with a lot of educational apps such as games, videos and e-books. The second variant is priced at Rs. 9,999 and it includes higher education based content.
HCL has expressed their desire to bid for the next edition of the world's most cheapest tablet Aakash. The Aakash tablet will be provided at a subsidized price by the government and is mainly targeted at educational purposes.
HCL's Ice Cream Sandwich based tablets are slightly more powerful than the entry level Aakash tablets. Only time will tell which ones make it to the students' backpacks.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Polaris Off campus

Liferay Exapmle Websites

Security System in Liferay


Here’s a brief outline of how you can use your own security system in Liferay.
• Create your own PermissionChecker class that extends Liferay’s PermissionChecker class.
• Register this new class in (or for the EXT environment) under the permissions.checker property.
• Override the hasUserPermission(…) method and the hasGuestPermission(…) method with your
own calls to your permission system.
• You can call the setValues(…) method to pull in parameters from the request object that your permission
checker might need (e.g., userId, projected, etc).
• You can call the resetValues(…) method to wipe out old parameters.
• Override the isAdmin(…) method.

IFrame in Liferay

false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE IFrame Control in Liferay

1. This portlet is defined in /portal-web/docroot/WEB-INF/portlet.xml.
<role-name>Power User</role-name
The unique id associated with this portlet is 48. The IFramePortlet class extends javax.portlet.GenericPortlet.
The source [] of
this class shows that this class prints an IFRAME tag that references an external site. This portlet is editable
and viewable by HTML browsers. The preferences bind the name src with the default value of
The auth value, if set to true, will attempt to authenticate the user to the external IFrame application. The authtype value can be set to basic or form. Basic authentication appends the login information to the URL and form
authentication requires a post to the external IFrame application. The form-method value can be set to get or
post. This is only used if you are using form authentication. The user-name value sets the user name for authentication. If you are using basic authentication, then you just need to set the user name. If using form authentication, you need to set the user name as a key value pair like The password
value sets the password for authentication. If using basic authentication, you just need the password. If using
form authentication, set the password as a key value pair like acme_password=password. The hidden-variables value is used for form authentication. Some forms require certain prepopulated fields in order to proceed
with authentication. Separate each key and value with a = and each key value pair with a ;. Users must have
either the Power User or User role to access this portlet. The roles can be changed at run time via the Admin
2. The title is fetched by StrutsResourceBundle and is configured in /
3. Additional definitions for this portlet are found in /portal-web/docroot/WEB-INF/liferay-portlet.xml.
<portlet id="48" struts-path="iframe" />
The id value in liferay-portlet.xml must match the portlet-name value in portlet.xml. The struts-path value
tells Struts that all requests starting with http://localhost/c/iframe/* are considered part of this portlet's scope.
See the Mail portlet to better understand this feature.
4. Display information for this portlet is found in /portal-web/docroot/WEB-INF/liferay-display.xml and makes it
possible for users to add this portlet via the personalize pages screen.
<category name="category.test">
<portlet id="47" />
<portlet id="48" />
When a user goes to personalize pages and clicks on a category to choose a portlet, the IFrame portlet is available under the category with the name that matches the key category.test. The value for this key is defined in /

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