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This below survey was taken many form many colleges in India. These Top 100 Engineering Colleges in India have Good Infrastructure, Good Environment, Educations , Staff, Placement , Research Activities and other Facilities are good. If you want to do Engineering as your dream and try out these colleges

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Google: +1 Button Served 5 Billion Times A Day

As I reported earlier today, Google is launching a marketing campaign to tout and promote the use of enhanced search ads, which it says are now shown for roughly one-third of all search ads.
I lifted some of the numbers that they’re boasting about on the dedicated marketing website, but I thought it’d be worth doing a separate post on the numbers they shared in relation to the +1 button, which the company started rolling out at the end of March 2011 (and more broadly last June).
Says Nick Fox, VP of Product Management at Google, in the blog post:
Since introducing the +1 button earlier this year, we now have more than 5 billion impressions on publisher sites a day.
And on the enhanced search ads marketing website, the company claims:
Our +1 button is being served 2.3 billion times a day all over the web.
I’m not sure where the discrepancy between those numbers stems from – both numbers were released today – but it’s always possible one statistic is older than the other. It’s also possible Google simply didn’t do a stellar job explaining, or that ‘serving’ and ‘impressions’ are not the same thing in their book. One theory is that the +1 button gets served 5 billion times a day on publisher sites, and clicked 2.3 billion times across the Web (including in Google search results).
We’ve asked Google for clarification, but either way, the +1 button looks like something of a hit.
UPDATE: According to Google, the +1 button is now being served 5 billion times per day; the 2.5 billion stat was from the company’s Q2 earnings call in July

Too Many Google+ Notifications?

Tired Of Too Many Google+ Notifications? Now You Control Who Can Send Them To You

posted on October 7th, 2011
Screen Shot 2011-10-07 at 5.13.32 PM
There is a certain strange person that used to mention me on Google+ and whenever I’d click on the mention (I couldn’t resist I MEAN IT’S RIGHT THERE) I’d get slightly depressed. And I’d think, “Why Google? Why can’t I do the Google+ equivalent of “blocking” this strange person?”
Apparently I wasn’t alone on this, as Google has now given Google+ users the ability to control who has the power to up the count on the red blinky notification thingy in the right hand corner of your Plus bar. Hoorah!
Users can now adjust when notifications go off for individual sharing, mentions, hangout invites, play invites, messages sent and when users select the “notify about this post” function. But before you go get all drunk with this nascent power, you’ll still get notified if someone comments on your posts or adds you to a new circle, inexplicably.
Baby steps … Of course I don’t have the feature yet, because Google is rolling it out “slowly.”

Technical Trainee in Cavisson Systems

Working in different teams like DEVELOPMENT TEAMS- UNIX-C/JAVA / QA/ PROJECT TEAMS for development of world class innovative product for enhancing performance of web based applications
Minimum 60% through out the career and minimum 70% in B.Tech Com. Science/IT) ,
Willing to relocate around NOIDA,

Good Verbal & Written communication Skills.

WALK-IN-INTERVIEW , MONDAY,17th OCTOBER'2011 b/w 2 to 5 pm.

Eligibility B.Tech/B.E/MCA - Computers

Experience 0-1 Year

Location Noida

WALK-IN-INTERVIEW , MONDAY,17th OCTOBER'2011 b/w 2 to 5 pm.

Walkin Address:
Compass Systems Private Ltd
Astar NetSolutionsE-84,
Sector 63,
Noida, UP 201301,India

BE Mechanical Freshers

BE Mechanical Freshers in Interarch 

Candiates Shouls be BE Mechanical
Should be good communication skills.
Good knowledge of their stream.
Can Understand and speak English & Hindi and Tamil

Eligibility BE - Mechanical

Experience Freshers

Location Chennai

Mail ur CV to:

Intern Position in Unisys Bangalore

Candiates Shouls 2012 freshers,who are in their final/pre-final year of B.Tech/M.Tech
Only computer science group
Selected candidates will work with Unisys Engineers on cutting edge
projects as student interns(3 months-9 months duration)

Eligibility B.Tech/M.Tech

Experience Freshers

Location Bangalore 

The Simplest Fat-Loss Secret

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Intel Job

Current Company Logo

Job Description

Looking for Web developer with skill : PHP / HTML / Javascripts with 3 - 8 yrs of experience for Bangalore.

Desired Skills & Experience

PHP / HTML/ Javascripts

Company Description

We are Intel Sponsors of Tomorrow™, not only through our technical innovation, but through our endless efforts in education, environmental sustainability, healthcare, and much, much more.

The range of computing products based on Intel® architecture is expanding beyond PCs and servers to netbooks, handhelds, consumer electronics devices, and more. We are the world's largest semiconductor chip maker, based on revenue. We also develop platforms, which we define as integrated suites of digital computing technologies that are designed and configured to work together to provide an optimized user computing solution compared to components that are used separately. Our goal is to be the preeminent provider of semiconductor chips and platforms for the worldwide digital economy.

Step inside our world and you’ll find one brilliant mind after another working together in a spirit of collaboration that is simply contagious. And through this shared dedication—this culture of innovation and exploration—we do more than deliver the latest technologies. We deliver the future.

Additional Information

September 21, 2011
Mid-Senior level
Information Technology 
Job ID:

Want To Keep (And Motivate) Your Best Employees?

 Want To Keep (And Motivate) Your Best Employees? It's Not About The Money
Anita* was a model employee. As CEO of my previous tech company, I had hired her to take charge of our bookkeeping and administrative affairs. When Anita came aboard, I asked what she wanted in order to feel fulfilled at work. "Harish, I want to do such a great job that you'll want to pay me a six-figure salary and feel great about it." This was a bit of a stretch--it was hard for me to conceive of bookkeeping as a six-figure position. After doing the math, I saw how with the right mix of hard work from Anita and better systems, she could indeed earn a justifiable six-figure salary. I wrote a work-incentive plan that had Anita making her target salary after 18 months, if she hit the right benchmarks. "You'll be worth every penny if you make these goals," I told her. I gave her a lot of autonomy and leverage to get her work done well. Anita exceeded expectations, and hit every one of her targets within 14 months instead of 18, earning the six-figure salary she richly deserved. A success story, right?
Sadly, no. Two years after her initial success, Anita was fired. Despite clear subsequent targets and pay incentives, along with new assistants to support her, Anita’s ability to deliver declined. The once-star employee had deteriorated into an employee who filled only the basic job description and fought with me over minute details of her work plan, just so she could claim the monetary incentives. What happened to Anita? It took me several years of making the same mistake with others to figure this out. And it happens in all sorts of places, not just in entrepreneurial startups.
Archan* is a a guy that I've worked with in the past and think highly of. Archan just quit his $150,000+ per year job as a full-time search-engine expert for a well-known and growing web company. He had been working in his spare time for more than a year on a brilliant mobile app, something that could be a boon to business travelers. Archan had finally raised enough money to pursue this more fully. What did he have to lose? "If my product's not a success," he said, "I can always go back to the corporate world and get a job pretty easily.”
Archan’s quitting represents the same category of mistake I made with Anita a few years ago, and both are insidious because they represent a failure of understanding on the part of both parties--the employee and the employer. It represents a failure in relationship-driven leadership.
At the core of these failures is how leaders and entrepreneurs, and employees in turn, typically ask for accountability and are then rewarded. Money is the carrot (or some proxy for money, like vacation time, or a trip, or a bonus, that sort of thing). That works in an industrial operation where there are fairly time specific goals to be achieved.  But the reality is, money isn’t as important as the relationship. This charming and insightful video from RSA talks of the research underscoring why this true. The long and short of it is, "pay enough so that money isn’t an issue, then give your employees high recognition, autonomy, and the opportunity to learn and grow," and watch them excel. Reflecting on this, I immediately understood my mistake with Anita, and I’ve started to see more of these mistakes in others today.
The six-figure salary threshold Anita wanted was the level at which she stopped worrying about money. Sadly, though, both Anita and I were conditioned to think of money as the main motivator, so we wrote her subsequent work plans with money as a continued focus. Had I known about the research in the video, I would have changed Anita’s work-incentive plan and oriented it towards those factors.
In my new company, I emphasize a relationship where I'm supporting the growth and personal goals of each team member, like getting them to a point (since I can’t always afford six-figure salaries for all!) where a team member is achieving compensation where they feel secure, and then spending a lot of time insisting on learning and growing, recognizing them for their results, and giving them the space to fulfill some of their entrepreneurial visions. I adore working with entrepreneurs and try hard to find those people who have big ambitions.
What about Archan? This one’s a little harder. Archan has a brilliant mobile app idea and demo, but all brilliant ideas and demos are worth little without execution. The missed opportunity is that his mobile app concept is aligned with a forward-thinking strategy for his old company. They could have both grown together. Unfortunately, as Archan himself told me, "My old company doesn’t care about me and my work, they just care about meeting short-term revenue targets." Although it made sense for Archan to leave and pursue his dreams, the alternative would have been for Archan to find a way to stay in his old company and bring his mobile app to the table there in some sort of symbiosis. Sure, this is a stretch, but a workable one.
In the past year, I've had a half dozen of my friends quit or prepare to quit their jobs in a bad economy--well-paying, high-profile positions--to pursue their entrepreneurial vision. These friends have all contemplated

Every Day For Success

5 Things To Do Every Day For Success 

"You get up at what time?"

I hear that a lot, along with "You are so lucky." So, I'm going to help out here and let you in on the secrets of my success. Well, not all of them--but enough to show you the foundation I build on every day.
1. Wake up early. For the next week, get up a half an hour earlier that you normally do--and get going. If you get a few more things done, then get up even earlier the next week. Early in the morning is a great time to get work done because most of your associates have not started emailing, tweeting, IMing, or posting yet.  *UPDATE: The rebuttal for those who want to argue this point
2. Read the headlines and watch the news. Not only should you know what is going on in the world, you will also be the first to recognize opportunities (if you followed #1) for you and your business--long before the competition has even had their first cup of coffee.
3. Send something to one person who can hire you or buy your product--something you promised to follow-up with, a quick email with a link to something relevant or a "Hey, just checking in to see how thing are going" email.
4. Touch base with an old friend or associate you haven't talked to in ages. Ask how they are, what are they working on and ask or suggest how you might help. You'll make their day.
5. Write a handwritten note to someone. Seriously. It is a lost art and makes quite an impression. There is always someone you can send a thank you note to--or you aren't doing things correctly.
A simple yet highly effective list. Try all five every weekday for a month. Then, tell me I'm right. If I'm wrong, I'll buy you a cup of coffee. When you finally wake up ...


Intern Position in Caliban

Candiates Should be B.E/B.Tech ECE,CSE and IT, 2010/2011 passouts
Good aptitude for learning , Very good analytical skills
Good skills in C, C++, Data-Structures, OS-Internals, CPU/Microprocessor design

Eligibility B.E/B.Tech - ECE,CSE and IT

Experience Freshers

Location Bangalore

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Learning Developer in IBM

Learning Developer - Instructional Design ( AIS ) - GBS
# A design developer at IBM researches, analyzes, develops, tailors, and/or revises instructional materials for all delivery mediums . If you join us in this role, in addition to these responsibilities, you will also need to

Apply synchronous and asynchronous learning strategies, instructional models and strategies to the content.

Apply multimedia principles for visualizing graphics.

Apply and use templates in developing instructional materials.

# Requirements

.NET and PHP Fresher

.NET and PHP Fresher in Binary softzone

Candiates Shouls be BE/B-Tech, MCA ,2010,2011 passout
Must have exposure on .NET & PHP Technology and C language
Must have very good communication skills.
Candidate will work on .NET and PHP projects.

Eligibility BE/B-Tech/MCA

Experience Freshers

Location Noida

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Dennis Ritchie

Father Of C And UNIX, Dennis Ritchie, Passes Away At Age 70

After a long illness, Dennis Ritchie, father of Unix and an esteemed computer scientist, died last weekend at the age of 70.
Ritchie, also known as “dmr”, is best know for creating the C programming language as well as being instrumental in the development of UNIX along with Ken Thompson. Ritchie spent most of his career at Bell Labs, which at the time of his joining in 1967, was one of the largest phone providers in the U.S. and had one of the most well-known research labs in operation.
Working alongside Thompson (who had written B) at Bell in the late sixties, the two men set out to develop a more efficient operating system for the up-and-coming minicomputer, resulting in the release of Unix (running on a DEC PDP-1) in 1971.
Though Unix was cheap and compatible with just about any machine, allowing users to install a variety of software systems, the OS was written in machine (or assembly) language, meaning that it had a small vocabulary and suffered in relation to memory.
By 1973, Ritchie and Thompson had rewritten Unix in C, developing its syntax, functionality, and beyond to give the language the ability to program an operating system. The kernel was published in the same year.
Today, C remains the second most popular programming language in the world (or at least the language in which the second most lines of code have been written), and ushered in C++ and Java; while the pair’s work on Unix led to, among other things, Linus Torvalds’ Linux. The work has without a doubt made Ritchie one of the most important, if not under-recognized, engineers of the modern era.
His work, specifically in relation to UNIX, led to him becoming a joint recipient of the Turing Award with Ken Thompson in 1983, as well as a recipient of the National Medal of Technology in 1998 from then-president Bill Clinton.



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