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This below survey was taken many form many colleges in India. These Top 50 Engineering Colleges in India have Good Infrastructure, Good Environment, Educations , Staff, Placement , Research Activities and other Facilities are good.

Top 10 Government Engineering Colleges in India

Top 10 Government Engineering Colleges in India

These Government Engineering Colleges in India are really good for all kind of stuff like Education , research , Placement and New Innovation Ideas etc... But Getting seat in these colleges are heavy competition in students .....

Top 10 Colleges In India 2014

Top 10 Colleges In India 2014

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This below survey was taken many form many colleges in India. These Top 100 Engineering Colleges in India have Good Infrastructure, Good Environment, Educations , Staff, Placement , Research Activities and other Facilities are good. If you want to do Engineering as your dream and try out these colleges

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Tech Job Site Dice Reports Shortage Of .NET Developers

According to technology job board Dice’s October report, there’s one particular tech talent now in short supply across the U.S.: Microsoft’s .NET. Job postings requiring .NET are up more than 25% year-over-year, the company says – faster growth than the total job postings on all of
In addition, 27% of the searches in Dice’s resume database involve those looking for .NET skills and an experience level of  0-3 years. 46% of searches were for those with 4-7 years experience in .NET, and 21% were looking for .NET developers with 8-10 years experience.
Why the shortage? Dice believes that developers are worrying that if they specialize in .NET development, they won’t be able to branch out to other platforms. They also aren’t paid as much as those who specialize in other areas. For example, .NET developers earn around $83,000 per year, but Java developers typically make more than $91,000.
However, Dice says that there are now over 10,000 jobs on its site requesting the skill set, and that if demand continues to outstrip supply, wages will adjust accordingly.
Dice isn’t the only outfit reporting increased interest in .NET talent.  In September, WANTED Analytics, a source of real-time business intelligence for the talent marketplace, reported similar trends. It found that .NET was one of the most commonly advertised job titles along with Java Developer, Web Developer, Sharepoint Developer, Web Designer, PHP Developer and J2ee Developer.

Selenium XPath Tutorial

Husband & Wife – Short Jokes

Wife: What do you like most about me, my Beauty or my Intelligence?
Husband: I love it more when you joke like this!!

How to create liferay hook

Using hooks customizing jsp page of a existing liferay portlet. In this example I am taking portlet asset-publisher.

Step 1: Go to plugins/hooks create a folder with any name. eg asset-publisher-hook

Step 2: Go to asset-publisher-hook create folder docroot and build.xml file.

Content of build.xml should be like this:

Step 3:

Go to asset-publisher-hook/docroot create folder with name WEB-INF.

Step 4:

Interview Questions on Java

How to convert String to Number in java program?
The valueOf() function of Integer class is is used to convert string to Number. Here is the code example:
String numString = “1000″;
int id=Integer.valueOf(numString).intValue();
What is the SimpleTimeZone class?
The SimpleTimeZone class provides support for a Gregorian calendar.
What is the difference between a while statement and a do statement?
A while statement (pre test) checks at the beginning of a loop to see whether the next loop iteration should occur. A do while statement (post test) checks at the end of a loop to see whether the next iteration of a loop should occur. The do statement will always execute the loop body at least once.
What is the Locale class?
The Locale class is used to tailor a program output to the conventions of a particular geographic, political, or cultural region.
Describe the principles of OOPS.
There are three main principals of oops which are called Polymorphism, Inheritance and Encapsulation.
Explain the Inheritance principle.
Inheritance is the process by which one object acquires the properties of another object. Inheritance allows well-tested procedures to be reused and enables changes to make once and have effect in all relevant places
What is implicit casting?
Implicit casting is the process of simply assigning one entity to another without any transformation guidance to the compiler. This type of casting is not permitted in all kinds of transformations and may not work for all scenarios.
int i = 1000;
long j = i; //Implicit casting
Is sizeof a keyword in java?
The sizeof operator is not a keyword.
What is a native method?
A native method is a method that is implemented in a language other than Java.
In System.out.println(), what is System, out and println?
System is a predefined final class, out is a PrintStream object and println is a built-in overloaded method in the out object.
What are Encapsulation, Inheritance and Polymorphism
Explain the Polymorphism principle. Explain the different forms of Polymorphism.
Polymorphism in simple terms means one name many forms. Polymorphism enables one entity to be used as a general category for different types of actions. The specific action is determined by the exact nature of the situation.
Polymorphism exists in three distinct forms in Java:
• Method overloading
• Method overriding through inheritance
• Method overriding through the Java interface
What is explicit casting?
Explicit casting in the process in which the complier are specifically informed to about transforming the object.
long i = 700.20;
int j = (int) i; //Explicit casting
What is the Java Virtual Machine (JVM)?
The Java Virtual Machine is software that can be ported onto various hardware-based platforms
What do you understand by downcasting?
The process of Downcasting refers to the casting from a general to a more specific type, i.e. casting down the hierarchy
What are Java Access Specifiers?
What is the difference between public, private, protected and default Access Specifiers?
What are different types of access modifiers?
Access specifiers are keywords that determine the type of access to the member of a class. These keywords are for allowing
privileges to parts of a program such as functions and variables. These are:
• Public : accessible to all classes
• Protected : accessible to the classes within the same package and any subclasses.
• Private : accessible only to the class to which they belong
• Default : accessible to the class to which they belong and to subclasses within the same package
Which class is the superclass of every class?
Name primitive Java types.
The 8 primitive types are byte, char, short, int, long, float, double, and boolean.
What is the difference between static and non-static variables?
What are class variables?
What is static in java?
What is a static method?
A static variable is associated with the class as a whole rather than with specific instances of a class. Each object will share a common copy of the static variables i.e. there is only one copy per class, no matter how many objects are created from it. Class variables or static variables are declared with the static keyword in a class. These are declared outside a class and stored in static memory. Class variables are mostly used for constants. Static variables are always called by the class name. This variable is created when the program starts and gets destroyed when the programs stops. The scope of the class variable is same an instance variable. Its initial value is same as instance variable and gets a default value when its not initialized corresponding to the data type. Similarly, a static method is a method that belongs to the class rather than any object of the class and doesn’t apply to an object or even require that any objects of the class have been instantiated.
Static methods are implicitly final, because overriding is done based on the type of the object, and static methods are attached to a class, not an object. A static method in a superclass can be shadowed by another static method in a subclass, as long as the original method was not declared final. However, you can’t override a static method with a non-static method. In other words, you can’t change a static method into an instance method in a subclass.
Non-static variables take on unique values with each object instance.
What is the difference between the boolean & operator and the && operator?
If an expression involving the boolean & operator is evaluated, both operands are evaluated, whereas the && operator is a short cut operator. When an expression involving the && operator is evaluated, the first operand is evaluated. If the first operand returns a value of true then the second operand is evaluated. If the first operand evaluates to false, the evaluation of the second operand is skipped.
How does Java handle integer overflows and underflows?
It uses those low order bytes of the result that can fit into the size of the type allowed by the operation.
What if I write static public void instead of public static void?
Program compiles and runs properly.
What is the difference between declaring a variable and defining a variable?
In declaration we only mention the type of the variable and its name without initializing it. Defining means declaration + initialization. E.g. String s; is just a declaration while String s = new String (”bob”); Or String s = “bob”; are both definitions.
What type of parameter passing does Java support?
In Java the arguments (primitives and objects) are always passed by value. With objects, the object reference itself is passed by value and so both the original reference and parameter copy both refer to the same object.
Explain the Encapsulation principle.
Encapsulation is a process of binding or wrapping the data and the codes that operates on the data into a single entity. This keeps the data safe from outside interface and misuse. Objects allow procedures to be encapsulated with their data to reduce potential interference. One way to think about encapsulation is as a protective wrapper that prevents code and data from being arbitrarily accessed by other code defined outside the wrapper.
What do you understand by a variable?
Variable is a named memory location that can be easily referred in the program. The variable is used to hold the data and it can be changed during the course of the execution of the program.
What do you understand by numeric promotion?
The Numeric promotion is the conversion of a smaller numeric type to a larger numeric type, so that integral and floating-point operations may take place. In the numerical promotion process the byte, char, and short values are converted to int values. The int values are also converted to long values, if necessary. The long and float values are converted to double values, as required.
What do you understand by casting in java language? What are the types of casting?
The process of converting one data type to another is called Casting. There are two types of casting in Java; these are implicit casting and explicit casting.
What is the first argument of the String array in main method?
The String array is empty. It does not have any element. This is unlike C/C++ where the first element by default is the program name. If we do not provide any arguments on the command line, then the String array of main method will be empty but not null.
How can one prove that the array is not null but empty?
Print array.length. It will print 0. That means it is empty. But if it would have been null then it would have thrown a NullPointerException on attempting to print array.length.
Can an application have multiple classes having main method?
Yes. While starting the application we mention the class name to be run. The JVM will look for the main method only in the class whose name you have mentioned. Hence there is not conflict amongst the multiple classes having main method.
When is static variable loaded? Is it at compile time or runtime? When exactly a static block is loaded in Java?
Static variable are loaded when classloader brings the class to the JVM. It is not necessary that an object has to be created. Static variables will be allocated memory space when they have been loaded. The code in a static block is loaded/executed only once i.e. when the class is first initialized. A class can have any number of static blocks. Static block is not member of a class, they do not have a return statement and they cannot be called directly. Cannot contain this or super. They are primarily used to initialize static fields.
Can I have multiple main methods in the same class?
We can have multiple overloaded main methods but there can be only one main method with the following signature :
public static void main(String[] args) {}
No the program fails to compile. The compiler says that the main method is already defined in the class.
Explain working of Java Virtual Machine (JVM)?
JVM is an abstract computing machine like any other real computing machine which first converts .java file into .class file by using Compiler (.class is nothing but byte code file.) and Interpreter reads byte codes.
How can I swap two variables without using a third variable?
Add two variables and assign the value into First variable. Subtract the Second value with the result Value. and assign to Second variable. Subtract the Result of First Variable With Result of Second Variable and Assign to First Variable. Example:
int a=5,b=10;a=a+b; b=a-b; a=a-b;
An other approach to the same question
You use an XOR swap.
for example:
int a = 5; int b = 10;
a = a ^ b;
b = a ^ b;
a = a ^ b;
What is data encapsulation?
Encapsulation may be used by creating ‘get’ and ’set’ methods in a class (JAVABEAN) which are used to access the fields of the object. Typically the fields are made private while the get and set methods are public. Encapsulation can be used to validate the data that is to be stored, to do calculations on data that is stored in a field or fields, or for use in introspection (often the case when using javabeans in Struts, for instance). Wrapping of data and function into a single unit is called as data encapsulation. Encapsulation is nothing but wrapping up the data and associated methods into a single unit in such a way that data can be accessed with the help of associated methods. Encapsulation provides data security. It is nothing but data hiding.
What is reflection API? How are they implemented?
Reflection is the process of introspecting the features and state of a class at runtime and dynamically manipulate at run time. This is supported using Reflection API with built-in classes like Class, Method, Fields, Constructors etc. Example: Using Java Reflection API we can get the class name, by using the getName method.
Does JVM maintain a cache by itself? Does the JVM allocate objects in heap? Is this the OS heap or the heap maintained by the JVM? Why
Yes, the JVM maintains a cache by itself. It creates the Objects on the HEAP, but references to those objects are on the STACK.
What is phantom memory?
Phantom memory is false memory. Memory that does not exist in reality.
Can a method be static and synchronized?
A static method can be synchronized. If you do so, the JVM will obtain a lock on the java.lang.
Class instance associated with the object. It is similar to saying:
synchronized(XYZ.class) {
What is difference between String and StringTokenizer?
A StringTokenizer is utility class used to break up string.
StringTokenizer st = new StringTokenizer(”Hello World”);
while (st.hasMoreTokens()) {
If you think that an important java interview question is missing or some answers are wrong in this blog please post a comments . It Will help for others also 

Interview Questions on Java

What if the main method is declared as private?

The program compiles properly but at runtime it will give “Main method not public.” message.
What is meant by pass by reference and pass by value in Java?
Pass by reference means, passing the address itself rather than passing the value. Pass by value means passing a copy of the value.
If you’re overriding the method equals() of an object, which other method you might also consider?
What is Byte Code?
What gives java it’s “write once and run anywhere” nature?
All Java programs are compiled into class files that contain bytecodes. These byte codes can be run in any platform and hence java is said to be platform independent.
Expain the reason for each keyword of public static void main(String args[])?
public- main(..) is the first method called by java environment when a program is executed so it has to accessible from java environment. Hence the access specifier has to be public.
static: Java environment should be able to call this method without creating an instance of the class , so this method must be declared as static.
void: main does not return anything so the return type must be void
The argument String indicates the argument type which is given at the command line and arg is an array for string given during command line.
What are the differences between == and .equals() ?


Selenium Interview Questions & Answers

Q1. What is Selenium?
Ans. Selenium is a set of tools that supports rapid development of test automation scripts for web based applications. Selenium testing tools provides a rich set of testing functions specifically
designed to fulfil needs of testing of a web based application.

Q2. What are the main components of Selenium testing tools?
Ans. Selenium IDE, Selenium RC and Selenium Grid

Q3. What is Selenium IDE?
Ans. Selenium IDE is for building Selenium test cases. It operates as a Mozilla Firefox add on and
provides an easy to use interface for developing and running individual test cases or entire test
suites. Selenium-IDE has a recording feature, which will keep account of user actions as they are
performed and store them as a reusable script to play back.

Q4. What is the use of context menu in Selenium IDE?
Ans. It allows the user to pick from a list of assertions and verifications for the selected location.

Q5. Can tests recorded using Selenium IDE be run in other browsers? 
 Yes. Although Selenium IDE is a Firefox add on, however, tests created in it can also be run in other browsers by using Selenium RC (Selenium Remote Control) and specifying the name of the test suite in command line.

Q6. What are the advantage and features of Selenium IDE?
Ans. 1. Intelligent field selection will use IDs, names, or XPath as needed
2. It is a record & playback tool and the script format can be written in various languages including
C#, Java, PERL, Python, PHP, HTML
3. Auto complete for all common Selenium commands
4. Debug and set breakpoints
5. Option to automatically assert the title of every page
6. Support for Selenium user-extensions.js file


Selenium Interview Questions & Answers

Q10. How Selenium Grid works?
Ans. Selenium Grid sent the tests to the hub. Then tests are redirected to an available Selenium RC, which launch the browser and run the test. Thus, it allows for running tests in parallel with the entire test suite.

Q 11. What you say about the flexibility of Selenium test suite?
Ans. Selenium testing suite is highly flexible. There are multiple ways to add functionality to Selenium
framework to customize test automation. As compared to other test automation tools, it is
Selenium’s strongest characteristic. Selenium Remote Control support for multiple programming and
scripting languages allows the test automation engineer to build any logic they need into their
automated testing and to use a preferred programming or scripting language of one’s choice.
Also, the Selenium testing suite is an open source project where code can be modified and
enhancements can be submitted for contribution.

Q12. What test can Selenium do?
Ans. Selenium is basically used for the functional testing of web based applications. It can be used for
testing in the continuous integration environment. It is also useful for agile testing

Q13. What is the cost of Selenium test suite?
Ans. Selenium test suite a set of open source software tool, it is free of cost.

Q14. What browsers are supported by Selenium Remote Control?
Ans. The test automation expert can use Firefox, IE 7/8, Safari and Opera browsers to run tests in Selenium Remote Control.

Q15. What programming languages can you use in Selenium RC?
Ans. C#, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby

Q16. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using Selenium as testing tool?
Ans. Advantages: Free, Simple and powerful DOM (document object model) level testing, can be used for continuous integration; great fit with Agile projects.
Disadvantages: Tricky setup; dreary errors diagnosis; can not test client server applications.

Q17. What is difference between QTP and Selenium?
Ans. Only web applications can be testing using Selenium testing suite. However, QTP can be used for testing client server applications. Selenium supports following web browsers: Internet Explorer,
Firefox, Safari, Opera or Konqueror on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. However, QTP is limited to Internet Explorer on Windows.
QTP uses scripting language implemented on top of VB Script. However, Selenium test suite has the flexibility to use many languages like Java, .Net, Perl, PHP, Python, and Ruby.

Q18. What is difference between Borland Silk test and Selenium?
Ans. Selenium is completely free test automation tool, while Silk Test is not. Only web applications can be testing using Selenium testing suite. However, Silk Test can be used for testing client server applications. Selenium supports following web browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera or Konqueror on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. However, Silk Test is limited to Internet Explorer and Firefox.
Silk Test uses 4Test scripting language. However, Selenium test suite has the flexibility to use many languages like Java, .Net, Perl, PHP, Python, and Ruby.

Byte Code

What is Byte Code? 
What gives java it’s “write once and run anywhere” nature?
All Java programs are compiled into class files that contain bytecodes. These byte codes can be run in any platform and hence java is said to be platform independent.

.Net Programmer in Wordstream Technologies

Required a programmer with 0 - 2 years experience in .net and MS SQL. Experience in Dot Net Nuke preferred.\
Candidate should be comfortable with the programming requirements. Capable of handling independent projects.

Eligibility Any Graduate

Experience 0-2 Years

Location Delhi

Wordstream Technologies Pvt Ltd
910, Prakashdeep
7 Tolstoy Marg
Connaught Place

Mail ur CV to:


1.What is MySQL?

  •  MySQL is a database server
  •  MySQL is ideal for both small and large applications
  •  MySQL supports standard SQL
  •  MySQL compiles on a number of platforms
  •  MySQL is free to download and use
2.How to Create Database?

To create Database:

mysql> create database cegon;
Query OK, 1 row affected (0.00 sec)

Wipro Openings

Job Description
Candidate should have over 0-1 years of relevant experience on large-scaleenterprise Java web development projects. Must have strong Object orienteddesign and programming skills.

Exposure to design/ implementation of Service Oriented Architecture using SOAP and XML. Experience working with Highly Scalable, Mission Critical Applications. 
0 - 1 yrs
IT-Software, Java Technologies
Bangalore, Chennai
B.E./B.Tech, M.Sc, M.Tech, MCA/PGDCA, MCM/MCS
Key Skills
JAVA, J2ee, OOP, SOAP and XML 
 Contact Details
Not Provided
Tel/ Mob Number
Email Address

TCS Science Graduate opening

.Net Developer and Testing Engineer in Dkash Technology

Candidates Should be Graduate with Strong Web Development Background, Confident, Good Communication Skills
Development of Websites using C#.Net/Asp.Net
Good Knowledge of C#, CSS etc.

Eligibility B.E./ B.Sc / BCA / MCA / MCS

Experience Freshers

Location Pune

Mail ur CV to:

Intel Jobs

Software Engineering Intern in Intel India

You should possess a Bachelor of Engineering degree. Additional qualifications include:
- Software development knowledge of Windows* and Linux* operating systems
- Knowledge of object oriented development, C*, C++* and/or Java*

- Knowledge of XML*, and Javascript*
- Good English communication skills and the ability to work in cross-site teams
- Knowledge of the software engineering development process and the project life cycle
- A good team player and willingness to learn

Job Description: Responsibilities may be quite diverse of an exempt technical nature. U.S. experience and education requirements will vary significantly depending on the unique needs of the job. Job assignments are usually for the summer or for short periods during breaks from school.

Job Category: Engineering
Primary Location: India-India, Bangalore
Full/Part Time: Full Time
Job Type: Student/Intern
Regular/Temporary: Regular
Posting Date: Sep 25, 2011

Fresher Job In TCS

Experience Job In TCS

Oracle Fresher in Lauren Information Technologies

1) Good Communication
2) Should have good knowledge of ORACLE
3) Should be responsible for Generating Report
4 ) Run Query in ORACLE server
5) Monitaring ORACLE server

Experience: 0-1 Years
Location: Mumbai, Mumbai Suburbs
UG – Any Graduate – Any Specialization,Graduation Not RequiredPG – Any PG Course – Any Specialization,Post Graduation Not Required

Desired Profile:
Qualification : Any Graduate / Any Diploma Holder
Experience : 0 -1 Yrs / Fresher can Apply
Location : Mumbai

Company Profile:
Incorporated in 1992, Lauren Information Technologies has completed over a decade in providing integrated IT solutions.
Headquartered in Mumbai, Lauren today employs 250 people and has branch operations in Pune, Vadodara, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkatta, New Delhi and Nasik.
Lauren is a premier partner for IBM Global Services Ltd, both for hardware and sofware. Besides, it also has premier relationships with HP (hardware solutions), Microsoft (software), Oracle (ISV’s), Veritas (solutions), Citrix (software solutions), Cisco (networking), 3Com (networking) and Lauren (PC’s). Key Customers that Lauren has been associated with include, Colgate Palmolive, Pfizer, DHL, Great Eastern Shipping, J P Morgan Chase Bank, HDFC Chubb and BPL Mobile.

Mail ur CV to:

BEL Openings


Bharat Electronics Limited a Navaratna Defence Public Sector Undertaking and India’s
Premier Professional Electronics Companyrequires Temporary Engineers initially for one
year for its Communication network projects at various sites (places) of India. Candidates may be posted all over India preferably in North East and J& K region. The contract may be renewed annually as per the requirement of project.

Qualification: - The candidate should have a first class degree in Electronics/Electronics and communication Engineering/ Computer Science Engineering/ MSc (Electronics).

Work Experience: - Minimum one year of hands on relevant experience in Installation/
Commissioning/ maintenance of VSAT/ Satellite communication/ Networking/ RF
Engineering/ RHEL & MS server administration.

SELECTION PROCESS: The selection will be through a written test (Objective type)
followed by Interview of Short listed candidates.


Interested Candidates are advised to download the application format available on the website. The downloaded application format duly filled in all respects, along with the self attested xerox copies of all Certificates in support of Qualification,
Certificate from previous employer regarding experience, caste certificate/PHP certificate (if applicable) and copies of other relevant certificates must be sent in a sealed envelope super scribing “Applicationfor the post of Temporary Engineer” and addressed to DGM (HR&W), Bharat Electronics Limited, P.O.Bharat Nagar: Ghaziabad (U.P.) Pin 201010 through post/courier. The application should reach on or before

Check the below link for more details:

Wanted Trainer

Dear Candidate,
Let us introduce ourselves from Times Technologies An ISO 9001:2000 certified company.We are pioneers in the areas of Software consulting,development and Training.& Oracle Partner
we urgently need

Post : .net ,J2ee,Testing,Oracle Faculty
Location: Bangalore & Chennai
Employment type: Permanent/Full-time

Candidate should have good communication skills and interpersonal skills.

attractive salary

Kindly Walkin to our Bangalore office between 10am to 6 pm

Warm Regards,

Times Technologies

Our Address

80/7,22nd cross,3rd block,jayanagar,
(above ICICI bank)
Ph:080 41210877/78

Times Technologies
No.159 K.P.Towers
2nd Floor, Arcot Road
Chennai - 600 026
Phone : 23651587/89

PHP Interview Question

  1. What is PHP?

  •  PHP stands for PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor
  •  PHP is a server-side scripting language, like ASP
  •  PHP scripts are executed on the server
  •  PHP supports many databases (MySQL, Informix, Oracle, Sybase, Solid, PostgreSQL, Generic ODBC, etc.)
  •  PHP is an open source software
  •  PHP is free to download and use
     2.What is a PHP File?
  •  PHP files can contain text, HTML tags and scripts
  •  PHP files are returned to the browser as plain HTML
  •  PHP files have a file extension of ".php", ".php3", or ".phtml".

Motorola-Intern Position Freshers

Job Type:




Job Description:

Company : Motorola

Eligibility : Knowledge in C, C++ & Tools, prototypes

Experience : Freshers

Location Bangalore


Job Role: Intern Position Freshers

Candiates Should Have:

Candiates Should Knowledge in Tools, prototypes for AQAM

Develop code in C, C++, work on the design, create documentation

Skill Set:

Candiates Should Knowledge in Tools, prototypes for AQAM Develop code in C, C++, work on the design, create documentation



Place / Venue:



Bagmane Tech Park, (7th. Floor), No:-66/1, Plot No:05, C V Raman Nagar Post, Bangalore 560 091,Karnataka, India

Posted Date:

Oct 01, 2011

End Date:

Oct 10, 2011

Leviosa Recruits Freshers

Job Title : Leviosa Recruits Freshers

Employement Type : Full Time

Job Category :

Experience : 0 - 1 Year

Location : Bangalore

Qualification : BE/B.Tech

Description :


We are a development cum recruitment firm involved in IT services

Software Technical Interviewer

Industry Type: BPO/ITES
Functional Area:Application Programming, Maintenance

Job Description :
The key responsibility would be to conduct telephonic technical interviews for recruitment. You would be exposed to various technologies briefly and given a bank of questions that you would understand and use in interviews.

Key Skills: JAVA, SQL, PHP

Desired Profile :
Should be an engineering graduate with a flair to understand new concepts easily. The job involves making calls extensively. There is possibility of moving you to development division if you show potential. Knowledge of one programming lang required

Contact Details :

Name: Jayashree

Leviosa, 2380, 2nd floor
E Block
Sahakar Nagar
Bangalore, Karnataka, India 560092

Email :

UNIBUZZ Recruits Freshers

Job Title : UNIBUZZ Recruits Freshers

Employement Type : Full Time

Job Category :

Experience : 0 - 1 Year

Location : Bangalore

Qualification : BE/B.Tech

Description :


Unibuzz IT Solutions is headquartered in the silicon city Bengaluru, Karnataka � India. To accelerate our customer�s business by providing the right and cost effective ERP solution.


Job Description :
Trainee - Dynamics Axapta 2009, Sharepoint Services, Enterprise Portals

Desired Profile :
Knowledge about Product, Ready to travel, Good communication Knowledge

Contact Details :

Name: Suresh

# 97, 1st Floor.
16th Main, Jayanagar 4th T Block
Opposite: Benison Mart
Bangalore, Karnataka, India 560041

Email :

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